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Thriving in a Global Network Society with In-Demand Skills and Knowledge!

Online Courses

BETs e learning platform offers applicable knowledge and a stat of the art training simulator that’s user friendly and necessary for a safe job training experience from the comfort of your home.

Online Vocational Education

Since 2020, BET has been training electrical apprentices, professionals and vocational workers all across America. Whether you are just starting your career, looking for a change in career, or a journeyman looking to get to the next level we are here to help with your success.

Why us


Brother’s e-learning empowers individuals, students, and mentors to thrive in a global network society with in-demand learning skills and knowledge.


Emma Hart

Highly professional courses and communication was clear, easy to communicate. They offer a wide range of courses that will help you to make your resume stronger.

Eddie Johnson

Amazing programs, enjoyed a lot while learning. It was a stress-free, fun, and easy-to-manage learning experience.


Extremely helpful and helped in making my resume stronger.

Mike Edward

I took one of these courses as a free time thing, but in the end, it was the one who got me through a job interview. It was a lifesaving thing for me.

Lets get started!


Online learning with BET is conducted from from the comfort of your home. Lectures are weekly and assignments are based on lectures and homework.
No. BET offers 4,12, and weekend courses both day and night.
Yes. BET offers OSHA 10 & 30 hour cards along with fully accredited courses that are transferable to any college.
Yes. eLearning can offer flexibility and convenience. In 2020, most college students took at least one courses online, and almost half of them took classes exclusively online.
Our assignments consist of virtual labs, quizzes, a mid-term and final exam.
You will need a valid drivers license or state id, a high school diploma or GED and to take a basic entry level exam.
You will need an stable internet connection for your laptop, desktop, or tablet or smartphone.
BET allows you to attend school without relocating or interrupting your career and avoid the hassle of commuting while saving yourself time and money
Courses start at $700 and complete in as little as 4 weeks. Start your career now in an in demand job
Enroll at the website (insert hyperlink) or call our office at (office number)
Making payments are easy from the many platforms. We also accept check or money order
Yes. Financing available for the 12 week course. You will need need a co-signer.